Weekend in Wollstonecraft

What a lovely afternoon in the sun. I know Josh and Shariqa well. They are some of the nicest, most generous people I know.

They are both successful lawyers, and they love to cook together. You will see them at the local markets every weekend picking out suitable raw materials for a family feast.

We spent the afternoon at their apartment in Wollstonecraft, where I was taught the delicacies of making home-made pasta using a hand roller. Fun and messy are two words that come to mind. Whilst we waited for the pasta to dry, we crossed the bridge and made our way out to the beautiful grounds of Strickland House. As we arrived, someone had taken up residence perched on a rock, stringing an acoustic guitar. Couples were splayed out reading and picnicking, and the sun was setting over the glistening Sydney cityscape.

After the sun set we returned to the spoils of the lamb roasting in the oven, and merriment ensued. A wonderful way to spend a Sunday with these two.

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Oliver Smith