Amira & Nick

A lot of weddings have a theme - a way of doing things that tells you a little bit about the bride and groom and their friends and family. Early on Sunday morning, I arrived to capture Nick and his groomsmen getting ready for the day. Immediately there was a delicious smell in the air: Nick was on the barbecue, cooking up a big vegetarian platter for his friends.

When I moved on to Amira’s place, not five minutes after arriving Amira offered me a bowl of pumpkin soup that she had made for her bridesmaids. We all sat and enjoyed the warm soup together - a wonderful way to start a wedding day.

This was the theme that continued for the rest of the day. Amira and Nick’s wedding was brought together by friends and family sharing food, and each others company, in a beautifully communal and intimate way. As the evening progressed, the lavish long tables at The Grounds were spread thick with warmth, richness and happiness. It felt like a big family gathering, with all the emotions bundled together in such a perfectly imperfect way, all shared around and enjoyed like the platters being passed down the table.

Venue: The Grounds of Alexandria

Florals: Amanda Ho

Oliver SmithComment