Shehana & Stephen

Shehana and Stephen’s beautiful Grounds of Alexandria wedding was just the way a “Grounds wedding” should be. Vibrant, warm, full of colour and happy moments. These two are just made to be together: Shehana - level-headed, calming and warm matched perfectly with Stephen’s laid-back, wavy-haired chill.

I was lucky enough to witness two very special moments in particular. The first, as Shehana walked down the aisle with her father. Stephen’s face went from calm and happy to a slow contortion: fighting back a big, juicy tear falling down his left cheek. He almost lost it completely as the love of his life approached. I will never forget that face!

The second - one of the best bridesmaid speeches I have ever witnessed. Zeina had managed to salvage her DMs (direct messages) with Shehana from when Shehana and Stephen went on their first date. I will not go into detail, save for saying that Zeina spared no detail to the whole wedding party - all of Shehana’s likes (and dislikes!) about their first encounter, and then some.

You would think this conversation to be strictly off-limits. Not at all - the best part was the final message - where Zeina had written to Shehana words to the effect “when you get married I am sharing this whole conversation at your wedding”. Shehana’s reply? “Go for it”. In writing. I could hardly hold my camera straight!

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Oliver SmithComment