"WOW. Brother, this is incredible. We've watched it a bunch of times and love it so much. We love how you captured the day so well. Such a perfect reflection on the day." - Andrew & Bethany


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There is something particularly special about a moving image.

Capturing a photograph is freezing a moment in time. A film, however, oh the possibilities. It is not just a moment but a collection of moments bundled together to tell a short story.

A wedding film is a short story about two people in love, surrounded by their friends and family.

Wedding films are particularly special because they don't really need to be complicated. I'm not going to go all Werner Herzog and stick cameras everywhere on tripods. It's just me, and my camera. Documentary-style. Unobtrusive. After all, it's your wedding day, not a press club meeting!

The Details

A beautifully crafted five minute film of the day. An unobtrusive, documentary style. It includes:

(a) full day coverage up to the end of reception formalities;

(b) professional colour grading;

(c) a licenced music package.

This package is $3,500.

Please bear in mind that if you want me to photograph your wedding, I won't also be able to film it. But don't worry, I have some awesome friends that I work with that I can refer you to.