Q: Are you any good?

I hope so! I've been around for a while. I've been taking photographs for almost 15 years!

Q: How would you describe your photographic style?

A: Documentary style, and primarily a natural light photographer. I grew up shooting on film, so I am careful and deliberate with my work.

I love photographs that create intimacy and a feeling of being 'in the moment'. I also look for symmetry, and often break the more traditional rule of thirds technique when the moment calls for it.

I will always pick a genuine, candid moment over a posed and stylised shot.

Q: How do I make an enquiry or booking?

A: Go to the "Make a Booking" page and fill out your details, or email me directly at hello@oliversmithphoto.com.

I will contact you within 24 hours to confirm availability, and answer any questions you might have.

After you have contacted me, I will ask you a few questions about your day and give you the option of a brief call to chat further.

Q: Why choose you?

A: In the end, you will probably choose me because my style suits what you want out of your day, and our personalities work well together. I'm a pretty relaxed person - but only because I know what I'm doing and have years of experience behind me.

I'm also hilarious...well at least I think so...Gemma just rolls her eyes and mumbles something about 'dad jokes'...

Q: Okay, sounds good! What happens next?

A: If you are happy with the details we discuss, to secure the date, I will send you my agreement which you can accept online by clicking "I Agree", and I will ask for a deposit.

That will lock you in to your preferred date.

Q: I hate getting my picture taken. Halp?

A: If I had a dollar...

But in seriousness, I understand that getting your picture taken can feel awkward sometimes, at least at the beginning.

I won't leave you hanging! I will be there to direct you and give you some gentle nudges on your way. It's all done in a very fun, unobtrusive way, rather than having me jump around barking orders.

It's part of the reason my full day plus package comes with a complimentary engagement shoot: we spend a fun afternoon playing with some shots, and get to know each other a bit more.

If you're still unsure, check out this great guide on fashionable poses.

Q: Give me a bit of a run down on how the day might go?

A: Sometimes you just want someone to finally fess up and give you an idea of how a wedding day pans out!

Of course every couple is different, and it varies widely. I am adaptable to your day: my aim is to blend in seamlessly.

But lets go through a very rough approximation of how the day could go for a full day package:

(a) I arrive when you tell me to (usually a bit earlier to give me time to say hello). I will walk around and get an idea of the location, particularly if it is new to me;

(b) I will then cover the bride preparation (and if you are both getting ready nearby I can also cover the groom preparation - we can work out the best mix of that during our consultation);

(c) We then move on to the wedding ceremony, where I will do my best ninja impersonation to capture the wonderful inception moment of going from engaged to married;

(d) I suggest some time between ceremony and reception to cover the bridal party, including sneaking off and have some fun with just the two of you. This is best done during 'the golden hour' - the hour or so before sunset and a little bit after sunset;

(e) We then make our way back to the reception. I will  make my way around to everyone as they mingle. I will take a breather while everyone has dinner (nobody likes to see their eating face!). The speeches will usually come next, and I will be back up covering all of that; and

(f) I will then stay until my coverage ends, which will usually get me out onto the dancefloor for either full day package (depending on timing). I will aim to spend about half an hour on the dance floor after the first dance, getting those last unforgettable memories! If you want me to stay longer, just let me know.

Q: What if I only want basic coverage?

A: I have recently added a new package called "Short & Sweet". It is aimed at capturing the best bits of the day and includes a total of six hours coverage.

But if you want to go custom, just let me know. I will listen to your specific needs and will do my best to come up with a package that suits your time and budget.

Q: What is the end result?

A: For a full day wedding, about 500-800 carefully edited photographs.

You will receive a full copy of the photos on a USB stick.

I will also give you a link to a secure online gallery that you can enjoy from anywhere. You can download the photos directly from the online gallery, and also use it to order prints in lots of shapes and sizes and have them shipped directly to your door.

If you opted for an album, I will prepare a draft album layout for you to approve after your photos are ready. Once we have the final revision, it will be sent off to the printers and when it's ready it will be shipped directly to your door.

Q: Do I get full resolution photos?

A: Yup. You get files big enough to put on a billboard (if that’s your thing!)

No watermarks. No tricks. No BS.

You can download all the photos from your online gallery in full resolution in two clicks. Then you can take them to get printed anywhere.

Q: Do I get every single photo taken?

A: No. The (second) most important part of my job begins in the editing room. I take between 4-6,000 photos at a wedding and from those photos I only choose the best ones.

My job is to pick the key moments where everyone looks their best - and I find that delivering lots of photos of the same moment, rather than picking out one or two of the best, can detract from the experience.

My aim is for you to end up with lots of beautiful photos of different moments that you can enjoy from beginning to end as a true reflection of your incredible day.

Q: Do you shoot same-sex couples?

A: YES! We are strong supporters of same-sex marriage. Everyone deserves the right to be married under Australian law.