I first began my adventures in photography through the gift of an old rangefinder camera, given to me by my dad when I was thirteen. We went to Tasmania and I exhausted all the film rolls on the first day. I took photos everywhere, and I loved it. I was studying at university and spent most of my spare time 'on assignment', photographing and filming commercial work. I traveled a lot and spent more time looking at scenery behind the viewfinder than with my own eyes!

Fast forward to today and I am a full time photographer (amazing). 

I love what I do, and barely a day goes by without me having a camera in hand documenting something. I like to think of my job as having an ability to freeze time and create an imaginary world, that's both real and a little bit beyond real at the same time.




I met Gemma almost 7 years ago. Brilliantly intelligent, surprisingly nerdy (read: Final Fantasy super-nerd), and always the one to make me smile. We met watching Finding Nemo at Clovelly Beach, and have been together ever since.

Gemma works behind the scenes to provide creative direction, and a wonderfully talented eye to the final product.