So it turns out I am a bit obsessed with prints. You know, that thing we all forget about and instead just look at all our photos on our iPhone screen? I love seeing work printed, but it is a big effort. You need to calibrate your colour profiles perfectly, pick a good paper, and then test, test and test again to get it right.

That was my day today: I received a delivery of fresh print paper - Moab Entrada 300GSM Rag Natural fine art 5x7 paper. I'm going to be using this stuff for all my prints going forward and I had to pick from three different types and calibrate the printer to match.

All you need to know is that all of my Full Day packages come included with a beautiful stack of prints. Real, tangible stuff. I don't really like the idea of 'just' sharing digital files and I love the tactility of beautiful paper and ink. Here are some of the results from today's testing and final print for Veronica and Kevin.

(oh and our new coffee table as the backdrop!)

Oliver SmithComment